What You Should Want in a Surveillance System

A surveillance system is not just a mere entity that could be set up anyhow, there are different features of a good surveillance system that should be observed in both the surveillance camera itself as well as the setting up of the surveillance system. A good surveillance system must be as efficient and effective as possible. However, there are many manufacturers of surveillance cameras, including the popular hikvision cameras, which are also known for its malware campaign.

How do you choose an appropriate surveillance camera and setting up method from the wide range of products and methods?

The top features of a good surveillance system include the following;

Low-light vision

A good surveillance camera must have a lower lux rating of the camera, the lower the lux rating, the better a surveillance camera can see in the dark, if a surveillance camera is meant to view in total darkness, buy a camera with built-in IR illuminators and which also have a 0-lux rating. These types of cameras are the most effective for night vision application.


You do not want to have a rough and untidy wall in your home. Surveillance systems need to be wired together and connected as near as possible. You can opt-in for wireless surveillance cameras; however, they also need to be connected to a power source. So, reduce the wirings.


For a wider range of vision, a surveillance camera needs to be adjustable if you want to cover a larger area. Buy a surveillance camera which can be adjusted, tilted, panned as well as zoomed for a better footage.

Effective storage

A good surveillance system must effectively and securely store footages on a connected computer. Connect your cameras to a system and server which would be a medium to record and save footages.

Web access

For some reasons, if you want to view the footages from your home surveillance camera when you are far away from home. You should, therefore, purchase an IP camera which would allow you to access footages via the web or your smartphone and devices when you are far away from home. However, make sure the systems and servers are free of malware.

High definition picture quality

You need to invest your money on a surveillance camera whose picture quality is higher, it gives room for more features and details in footages. Do not purchase a shabby picture quality surveillance camera as it is synonymous to not even seeing anything at all.

Resistance to hazardous weather

In setting up a surveillance camera, some cameras end up being outside the interior thereby subjecting them to harsh weather conditions such as rain, frost, heat etc. purchase a surveillance camera that is less prone to be destroyed by harsh weather. Buy a surveillance camera with a high waterproof rating.

In conclusion, the surveillance system, in general, should be simple as much as possible, flexible to future changes in set-up, acceptable, sensitive to motion and to picture changes as well as being timeless and durable.

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