10 Reasons why Macbook is better than a Windows PC

Bringing in a revolution in the arena of personal computing in 1970s and reinventing the personal computer with Macintosh, Apple has always been a pioneer in technology. The decision to buy either a Macintosh or a Windows laptop is evidently a difficult one. There are various reasons despite the ease of using a Mac, which make it an unequaled computer.


  1. The Experience

The operating system of a device is a fundamental part of the experience of the user. The launch of Windows 8 didn’t deliver the expected customer satisfaction and design to the users. Updates cleared some of the complications, and Windows 10 are now proving to be a very decent operating system. However, in contrast, OS X EI Capitan’s neat, stable and easy to use interface makes it a whole new experience for the user.

  1. Less is more

Apple offers six different laptops to choose from suiting your budget and power requirements. These include Apple MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook, Mac Mini, iMac and Mac Pro. The fewer number of laptops makes it easy to choose one of them as your optimal computer. As PCs come from a huge number of manufacturers like Lenovo, HP, Dell and so on, there are hundreds of PCs in the market which makes it tough to make a decision to buy one of them.

  1. Security

With Internet-based attacks on the rise, security comes as a significant point in favour of the Mac. Their systems are apparently invulnerable to such viruses and others, and hence, Macs suffer fewer attacks than Windows based PCs.

  1. Inbuilt Software

While various kinds of software for any computer-based tasks are available on PCs for free or for purchase, Apple Macbook come with a series of excellent software like Photos, iMovie, Pages, Keynote, FaceTime, iTunes and Maps that are already installed. This enables users to edit photos, make movies, listen to music right after taking a Mac out of the box, thereby avoiding the long process of downloading the software.

  1. Better Resolution

Macs flaunt the best screens in the market right now, with Retina MacBooks and iMacs having screens that feature no air gap and anti-reflective coatings. On the other hand, many scaling issues have been experienced in the Windows based PCs.

  1. Customer Support

Apple offers excellent customer support and service options in case anything goes wrong. The support includes telephone support, online support, and support at Apple Retail Stores.

  1. Backup services

Apple’s time Machine is a sublime and elegant way to back up all your documents easily. All you have to do is to insert an external drive and turn time machine on. This not only backs up all the documents but makes it possible for the user to go back in time and find a deleted document. iCloud has made the backup service a bit further efficient, linking the services to other Apple devices, iPad, iPod and so on.

  1. Upgrading is simple

Apple offers its users a smooth upgrading of OS for free. Windows, however, keeps the procedure technical and a bit complicated to understand.

  1. Windows run on Apple

Apple allows its users to install Windows via various third-party programs. Therefore, investing in a Mac is a better option in the long run. It means having the goodness of both the OS on a single device.

  1. Integration of Apple devices

The ties between Mac and other Apple devices have been strengthened by the introduction of continuity in OS X Yosemite which has been carried through the latest OS X El Capitan. With the hand-off feature, any email, document or note started on any Apple device can be continued on the Mac without syncing or saving anything. This makes way for very smooth functioning without any barriers. Apple Macbooks have a different feel to it and beats Windows anyday!

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