10 Commandments For Choosing The Rights SEO Company

Search engine optimization is the key to retained success for any online portal, no matter whether it’s an affiliate marketing blog or a simple ecommerce site. When it comes to choosing the right SEO service, most website owners have their confusions. To make things simple, we have 10 commandments for the perfect choice.


  • Firstly, check the kind of work a company has done so far. Ask them whether they have handled websites and projects similar to yours.
  • Next, you have to see if they are willing to offer references. Companies like Directional Preference never shy away from talking about their work and clients.
  • Once you have shortlisted a few names, check whether the service is a genuine one. Many scam companies only take the work to outsource, which isn’t a good idea for your website.
  • Check if the service needs you to sign a contract. It may take at least some time to see results with SEO, but don’t make a long term commitment right away.
  • If you are choosing a service, you have to see how their website ranks on Google and other search engines. This is important, because when a company claims to do wonders with SEO, they must do that for their own business too.


  • Do they deal with content marketing? Another important question because content is the ultimate source of great SEO success, along with other tools.
  • Do they have a plan for your website? A known service like Directional Preference Company will work with a concrete plan, which will include all the strategies and tools. This may also mean making relevant changes to the website.
  • Do they offer reports? It is important to understand how the concerned SEO service is helping the overall traffic and rankings. Ask them to give frequent reports.
  • What about the costing? Gone are times when companies would offer a fixed price for the entire project. Today, the focus is on understanding the work and overall efforts needed, based on which the quote is given to the client. Needless to mention, it should fit your budget.


  • Finally, ask the company if they have any extra charges for setup and other things. There are many companies that lure customers with a small price, only to add more things later. Don’t choose a service for the price they offer, but look for the new things they can bring to the table.

Start comparing services now!

Author Bio: Daniel Lacroix is known for being one of the most influential bloggers on ecommerce SEO. He has handled over 20 projects so far with great success.


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